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Géraldine KOUZAN
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Concept : Anne Sophie Bosc

Creation : Anne Sophie Bosc & Géraldine Kouzan

Sound composer and mixing : Max Bruckert

Camera : Sow Yee Au

Editing : Lucile Latour

Webmaster : Jean-Philippe Gams

Voice : Yi-Ping Yang

Camera assistant : Yu-Han Chen

Sound technician : Philippe Roiron

Ebook : Emilie Barreau

Kakémono : Cécile from Ékicé

Chinese translations : Sansan Liu and Po-Shan Wu

Special thanks to the participants :

Alex Wolfgram, Chaba Lin, Dominic Ruta, Gene Yoon, Mei Hua Chen, Peihsiang Ly, Yachyi Chiou and the anonymous participants.

Production :

Grame (Centre national de création musicale Lyon), DAC (Digital Art Center Taipei), ENSBA (Beaux-Arts Lyon) with the support of the French Cultural Bureau of Taipei.

Aknowlegments :

This project could not have been made without the precious help from : Alf Chang, Ping-Yi Chen, and the staff from DAC, James Giroudon and the staff of the GRAME, Gilles Grand and staff of ENSBA, Perrine Lacroix from BF15, Miss Chou and the TransAsia Sisters Association Taiwan, Chih-Cheng Chen and Meg Chang from the Taiwanese cultural center in Paris, Kevin and Timeline Studio Taipei, Sansan Liu, Kai-lin Lu, Anna Yuan, Anne-Sophie Tillier from Paris Sérigraphie. We also wish to thank our families and friends.

We dedicate this project to Viggo



Copyrights : Anne Sophie Bosc and Géraldine Kouzan