a 14´ experimental documentary and a digital navigation

How to feel Taipei through uprooted eyes and thoughts. Based on texts, images and videos from foreigners living and working in Taïwan.



UNFOLDING-TAIPEI is the result of an art-residency between France and Taïwan. The project is made in continuation with our former work, with its documentary and digital approach of a socio-political theme as "migration". As Taïwan has a strong migration history, the location showed to be perfect. The starting point was concrete and factual, the research was rich and the more we approached our interviewees the more we came in the essence of the subject with all the indescribable and subtle things of this universal and complex question.
In 2013, we interviewed and talked with 9 participants living and working in Taipei and coming from different countries such as Cambodia, Singapore, France, Thailand, USA, Indonesia, Belarus and Russia, Malaysia and coming from different social layers. From them, we collected texts, pictures and videos. With the collected material we elaborated  the semi-fictional project with the idea of feeling Taipei through uprooted eyes and thoughts. The project ended as a little window on Taipei and its migrants. It is presented in two parts. You can either watch the film first or do the digital navigation, there is no order.



Anne-Sophie Bosc and Geraldine Kouzan are two independent artists who work mainly across the fields of art and socio-politics. Most of their work and research is related to the subject of migration in the world. Their idea is to show different sides of the issue of migration and that things are neither black nor white. Instead, they choose to create space between reality and fiction: works in the forms of uncertainty.

Both Anne-Sophie Bosc and Geraldine Kouzan like to enlarge the diffusion of the work behind the traditional walls of art: not only is their work physical, but also unfolds mostly in the medium of video and projects that can end in the shape of websites. As in their former projects and apart from the exhibitions, Anne Sophie and Géraldine use the webpage in an innovative way, as a new public space where visitors and participants can navigate, away from the codified use. Anne Sophie Bosc, in her former project: "Land of welcome" ( and Geraldine Kouzan in her actual project “Message to Syria” (
They wish to find an artistic way of combining the informative and the narrative, the documentary and the poetical.








Copyrights : Anne Sophie Bosc and Géraldine Kouzan